Paul Konerko’s Memorable Legacy in Chicago

Paul Konerko is entering the final week of his career. (NBC5 Chicago)

Paul Konerko is entering the final week of his career. (NBC5 Chicago)

Since the first day of spring training, baseball fans have been suffocated with the retirement of legendary Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. A league without Jeter seems unfathomable; while he is no spring chicken anymore, he’s been one of the league’s main marketing fixtures since he debuted in 1995. It’s no question why; he played the game hard, won championships, and did it with a smile.

Because of this, it’s easy for people around the country to overlook the retirement of Chicago’s most consistently excellent baseball player for the last 15 years. Read the rest of this entry »

Album Review – U2′s ‘Songs of Innocence’

The iTunes banner featuring info on 'Songs of Innocence.' (Apple)

The iTunes banner featuring info on ‘Songs of Innocence.’ (Apple)

I had become rather impatient.

No Line on the Horizon came out in 2009. That was the last brand new, official U2 release. Now, the band did tour behind the album extensively into 2011, so it was really only three years of “inactivity.” Turnover in album production, especially for a band like U2, can take some time. However, when one of your favorite bands is taking a particularly long amount of time, patience does indeed become a virtue.

We were teased in the winter with two songs – “Ordinary People” for a soundtrack at the end of 2013, and “Invisible” on Super Bowl Sunday — both of which were quite good. The band tossed and turned between “making an announcement in 2014″ and “not being ready until 2015.” It’s been a painful year to be a U2 fan.

It all paid off today. A decade after Bono was silhouetted on top of colorful backgrounds advertising new iPods to the “newest” U2 single “Vertigo,” the band returned to the forefront of Apple promotion. After performing a new song titled “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone),” Bono revealed that U2′s newest album would be given to every iTunes subscriber for free. Read the rest of this entry »