Anarchy in the USA: Heartland Unrest Escalates

A now-famous image of a man throwing a molotov cocktail back at police where it came from. (Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

A now-famous image of a man throwing a Molotov cocktail back at police. (Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

For the past week, I haven’t been able to shake the Sex Pistols classic “Anarchy in the UK” out of my conscience. I keep singing one of the song’s lyrics in my head: “Anarchy for the USA/It’s coming sometime, maybe…” Over and over again. Seeing Motley Crue cover it last Friday in Tinley Park certainly didn’t help matters.

Neither is the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri between police and protestors following the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Let’s start from the beginning. An unarmed 18-year-old black kid gets shot and left in the middle of the street before finally being treated as a crime scene. Ferguson police and citizen witnesses have conflicting stories. The police insist that Brown and a friend were antagonizing the police, while witnesses insist that Brown and his friend were merely jaywalking when police became aggressive. Read the rest of this entry »

Keith Olbermann Discusses MLB’s Bleak Future

Keith Olbermann continues to be ESPN’s voice of reason with the topical nightly program bearing his last name. Tonight, he decided to pay homage to this date 20 years ago, when Olbermann sported a classy mullet and epic nineties mustache and announced that the last Major League Baseball game will have been played before the 1994 strike began.

He brought this up with some concerns about baseball in the modern day: there will be a new commissioner next year among zero appealing candidates, the current collective bargaining agreement expires in 2016, and ratings and human interest in Major League Baseball are at record lows.

Baseball has always been my favorite sport, but his points are very astute. When I was a kid 15 years ago, all of the parks from Summit to Cicero had baseball fields full of kids. I drive through those same neighborhoods today to see the fields completely vacant, barring a beer-league softball game or a couple of guys playing catch here and there.

It’s no mystery why this is the case: nobody has a reason to care about baseball anymore. Read the rest of this entry »